DATACAREʼS CASEBOOK™ is a web-based paperless, workplace for case managers. It works with your claims system or standalone, to eliminate redundant processes and save 25% of your case managersʼ time with key time saving features.

• Complete visibility – quickly track all cases; identify late reports, upcoming deadlines, court dates,
unprocessed mail, bill status and more.
• Real-time reports – for key metrics.
• Full history – internal time stamping for all faxes, emails, letters, bills and reports.
• Role-based access – case managers, supervisors, and others with proper clearances.
• Time-saving monthly report preparation – quickly pull case mangerʼs notes and history.
• One click query to see nursesʼ case load.

• Fully scalable mobile activity notes for smartphones and tablets.
• Shortcuts – instant access to claims demographics, records, history, treatment codes, key contacts and time tracking.

• Daily dashboard – quickly identify cases which need immediate attention, new documents, and bills ready for processing.
• Track professional hours, expenses, and mileage online.
• Create reports – automatically pull from a selected date range of notes, and generate a report with one click.
• Access medical guidelines with one click.
• Case demographics and contacts- all are stored to each case once any contact info is entered into system. It is stored and can be found simply by typing first few letters of the name, and the info will appear.
• Flagging – notify examiners of documents that need special attention.
• Email and fax from inside the system – get instant access to phone and fax numbers for the claim, automatically check status of incoming and outgoing documents, and enjoy one-click resend.
• Direct import into Quickbooks and other accounting systems.