Ahshay Platform Description

DataCare provides software solutions primarily for workers’ compensation claims organizations and for companies that serve them, such as managed care and bill review companies. The Ahshay® Platform consists of five modules which can be used together or as individual stand-alone programs. These modules streamline and automate the process of the workers’ compensation claims organization. The modules include: Medical Process Manager, Case Management, Utilization Review (“UR”), UR Enforcer™, and UR++.

Data is transferred from the user via electronic data interface or EDI, to the Ahshay Platform to be processed. The Medical Process Manager allows the user to manage and track all claims through each step of the workflow. The Nurse Case management tool is for nurse case managers to track their cases. The UR review software allows the tracking of jurisdictional turnaround times. The UR++ tool streamlines the request-for-authorization allowing for automatic adjudication and approval or electronic submission to UR. UR Enforcer identifies and notifies the bills that have not been approved, or that did not match their corresponding UR and bills that have not been submitted to UR.

Key Compliance Items

  • SOC 2 Certification – building trust with our new clients, while maintaining trust with all our existing clients

  • Document Access Logs – all activity in our system is time-stamped and can be referred back to at any time

  • Audit Trails

  • Confirmation that a fax sent out of Ahshay has been received

  • Password expiration and complexity enforcement

  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 

  • Platform provides 99.9% up-time and reliability

  • All data stored on private servers owned by DataCare

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Third-party penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of our infrastructure

System Boundaries

The Ahshay Platform is a SaaS product that is hosted on DataCare servers. The cloud based system is accessed over the Internet and opened on a web browser. Customers are responsible for user stations, web browsers, Internet connection, and any additional services or hardware to access the system. For further information regarding how we operate, handle security, or handle customer data, see DataCare’s commitments to security, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity here.

Customer Responsibilities

Users should report operational failures, incidents, problems, concerns, and complaints with the Support Ticket feature in Ahshay. Self-administering user entities are responsible for managing their own user controls and escalating issues to DataCare in Ahshay. User entities that delegate their ticket support to DataCare will have tickets managed by the DataCare help desk.  

Security and highly sensitive type issues, including client confidential or private/personal information, are more urgent and time sensitive and may be alerted to DataCare by whatever means possible, in which DataCare can manage the resolution in a ticket and in an urgent manner. Patients and individuals should submit privacy issues to the organization that they interact with directly, and that organization may interact directly with DataCare.