AHSHAY! Platform

Discover AHSHAY!, a broad-spectrum case management medical software that aims to make the world of healthcare a better place for providers and clients.

What AHSHAY! Can Do For You

AHSHAY! Platform by DataCare isn’t just case management software. Experience a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that aims to empower healthcare providers. AHSHAY! acts as your personal assistant, ensuring efficient and seamless healthcare management. Simplify, automate, and improve:

  • Bill preparation

  • Correspondence management

  • Payment authorization

  • Guideline implementation

  • Performance monitoring

  • Reporting generation

Discover the wide range of applications you can do with AHSHAY!

Healthcare Case Management

Designed for healthcare professionals, AHSHAY! is a Nurse Case Management software that simplifies and enhances the workflow. With its customizable reports, accessible from any location, this software empowers professionals to prioritize patient care and alleviate administrative tasks, streamlining their processes and improving overall efficiency.

Beyond this, AHSHAY! also functions as a Workers Comp and Automotive Case Management software.

Utilization / Preauthorization Review

DataCare’s AHSHAY! platform includes a Utilization Review/Preauthorization Software. This module streamlines healthcare workflows by expediting decisions, minimizing redundancies, and ensuring compliance. It directly integrates guidelines, automates tracking, and generates audit-ready reports.

Furthermore, the platform incorporates tracking automation and bill review, enhancing the management of medical processes.

Medical Process Management 

AHSHAY! is a Medical Process Manager (MPM). It’s a user-friendly tool designed to assist adjusters in managing the medical review process. By streamlining approvals, integrating guidelines, and ensuring compliance, AHSHAY effectively lightens the workload and elevates the efficiency of medical claims processing.

AI Document Assistant (Coming soon)

Utilizing AI, our AI Document Assistant module efficiently organizes, sorts, and retrieves documents. It intelligently categorizes documents based on content, seamlessly integrating them into relevant case management workflows. This module reduces the need for manual review, streamlining document handling, and improving overall efficiency.

What Sets AHSHAY! Apart?

  • Flexible Reporting Options

The dynamic world of AHSHAY!’s reporting features involves generating customized reports that cater to your unique requirements, providing you with a holistic view of patient cases, progress updates, and operational metrics.

  • Efficient Data Management

Delve into the efficient data management capabilities of AHSHAY! This remarkable platform guarantees secure storage and swift retrieval of patient information. By utilizing AHSHAY!, healthcare providers gain access to a dependable and well-organized database, enhancing the overall quality of patient care.

  • Scalability and Adaptability

AHSHAY! grows with your needs. Our platform is designed to adapt to the diverse needs of healthcare organizations, seamlessly scaling to accommodate growth. From small and expanding healthcare companies to large hospitals, it ensures that it evolves alongside your organization, ensuring your healthcare operations are supported at every stage of your journey.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Experience the user-friendly interface of our AHSHAY! Its intuitive interface is designed to streamline navigation and enhance the user experience. The platform’s user-centric design empowers healthcare professionals to prioritize patient care, eliminating the struggle with complex software.

  • Compliance and Security Measures

Delve into the robust compliance and security features of AHSHAY! The platform aligns with industry standards, providing an unwavering commitment to safeguarding patient data. You can trust our secure and reliable system that empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care with peace of mind.

Success Stories

Ahshay! and its various case management software modules have proven to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for our clients. Here are just a few examples:

Michele Settel, President of Ascential Care Partners, emphasized, “DataCare really understands the case management and utilization review ecosystem. Their platform is robust and stable, a must-have in a systems provider. Our focus at Ascential Partners is to promote the right treatment so our patients get back to their lives using the most expedient, cost-effective, and solution-minded way. DataCare is an important partner, helping us with our mission.”

Thomas Kokkines, Vice President of Optimal Case Management, stated, “The reporting offered through Ahshay, along with the evidence-based data that ODG provides, allows us to paint a clear picture to our clients on how our nurses are positively impacting return-to-work results. The information captured in Ahshay allows us to analyze various data elements that can be useful to not just our clients, but our nurses and management.”

A Risk Management Supervisor said “The Datacare team is wonderful to work with and is always responsive! They continue to improve the software as well as their caliber of staff. Datacare is the best company I have worked with in a capacity of vendor because they truly care about the quality of their product and service! I would recommend Datacare to anyone looking for claims/bill review software.”