Healthcare Case Management Software

Discover our healthcare case management tool: AHSHAY!, a broad-spectrum medical software built to create a streamlined workflow that allows you to track all billable activity and help patients quickly return to full recovery.

Software for All Healthcare Providers

AHSHAY! was thoughtfully designed for nurses, case managers, physicians, supervisors, office staff, and billing to meet the wide-ranging needs of healthcare organizations. Our solution streamlines your patient care and administrative tasks, allowing for precise tracking of billable activities. The end result is accurate documentation of resources used for patient care, improving operational efficiency and financial performance. As a nurse case management software, it reduces administrative tasks, enabling healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care, planning, and teamwork.

Ultimately, the heart of every healthcare technology is developed to speed up patient recovery and improve care quality. DataCare presents a straightforward solution for healthcare executives that simplifies healthcare management while enhancing clinical outcomes and financial health.

Healthcare Case
Management Applications

  • Case management in the workers’ compensation industry

  • Hospital systems that provide case management services

  • Self-insured employers who staff their own case managers

  • Third-party administrators who employ their own case managers

  • Assisted living facilities that provide case management services.

What AHSHAY! Can Do For You

  • Easy Case Reporting & Communication

    Quickly customize and generate case reports and email or fax reports directly from the system.

  • Efficient Management Tools

    Generate management queries to compile savings and key case information effortlessly.

  • Flexible Access and Tracking

    Track personalized activity notes from anywhere, whether in the office, at home, or on the go. Accessible anytime on tablets or smartphones.

Our nurse case management software is crafted to minimize administrative tasks and maximize the efficiency of healthcare delivery, ensuring that attention is focused where it’s most needed: on the patient.

Data Care Chart

End-to-End Case Management Solutions

How exactly does AHSHAY! streamline healthcare case management? Let’s take a look at a client’s experience.

Eddie Braun, Vice President and CFO of IW Care Connection (IWCC) had a goal of minimizing injured workers’ predicted disability duration. By utilizing DataCare’s AHSHAY! software platform, IWCC brought a new approach to handling case management. 

Anyone navigating the intricacies of workers’ compensation and managed care understands technology’s pivotal role in a nurse’s day-to-day operations. Nurses are tasked with providing care to injured workers and navigating the workers’ compensation claims process. This includes advocating for the medical needs of injured workers and ensuring clear communication among healthcare providers, insurance adjusters, and employers.

Recognizing the need for a system, Eddie and his team sought a comprehensive healthcare case management solution. They chose AHSHAY! because its key features make a strong impact:

  • Real-time monitoring of case progress to ensure timely interventions.
  • Efficient tracking of new referrals to manage workload and priorities.
  • Real-time tracking of billable hours to optimize financial management.
  • Mobile access to medical records, enabling effective fieldwork.

These capabilities were crucial in achieving IWCC’s objective of streamlined, effective case management that keeps pace with industry demands and ensures injured workers receive the best possible care. For the full details, read on about our case study on Ahshay! abilities as a healthcare case management software.

The Ahshay! software has allowed us to save up to 10 minutes while generating each report, in addition to tracking each step of the workflow: from creating a report to signing and passing it to the auditing team, and from billing to closure. We are able to keep track of every reports progress, and reduce on both internal and client costs

Our Software In Action

See how AHSHAY! allows you to produce billable activity notes while you’re on the go (from your mobile device or laptop).

With DataCare’s healthcare case management software you easily track and monitor healthcare case progress. Use across all device since the SOC 2 HIPAA-compliant network backs up DataCare’s AHSHAY! platform.

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Success Stories

AHSHAY! and its various case management software modules have proven to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for our clients. Here are just a few examples:

Michele Settel, President of Ascential Care Partners, emphasized, “DataCare really understands the case management and utilization review ecosystem. Their platform is robust and stable, a must-have in a systems provider. Our focus at Ascential Partners is to promote the right treatment so our patients get back to their lives using the most expedient, cost-effective, and solution-minded way. DataCare is an important partner, helping us with our mission.”

Thomas Kokkines, Vice President of Optimal Case Management, stated, “The reporting offered through Ahshay!, along with the evidence-based data that ODG provides, allows us to paint a clear picture to our clients on how our nurses are positively impacting return-to-work results. The information captured in Ahshay! allows us to analyze various data elements that can be useful to not just our clients, but our nurses and management.”

A Risk Management Supervisor said “The Datacare team is wonderful to work with and is always responsive! They continue to improve the software as well as their caliber of staff. Datacare is the best company I have worked with in a capacity of vendor because they truly care about the quality of their product and service! I would recommend Datacare to anyone looking for claims/bill review software.” 

Discover the wide range of applications you can do with AHSHAY!

Healthcare Case Management

Designed for healthcare professionals, AHSHAY! is a Nurse Case Management software that simplifies and enhances the workflow. With its customizable reports, accessible from any location, this software empowers professionals to prioritize patient care and alleviate administrative tasks, streamlining their processes and improving overall efficiency.

Beyond this, AHSHAY! also functions as a Workers Comp and Automotive Case Management software.

Utilization / Preauthorization Review

DataCare’s AHSHAY! platform includes a Utilization Review/Preauthorization Software. This module streamlines healthcare workflows by expediting decisions, minimizing redundancies, and ensuring compliance. It directly integrates guidelines, automates tracking, and generates audit-ready reports.

Furthermore, the platform incorporates tracking automation and bill review, enhancing the management of medical processes.

Medical Process Management 

AHSHAY! is a Medical Process Manager (MPM). It’s a user-friendly tool designed to assist adjusters in managing the medical review process. By streamlining approvals, integrating guidelines, and ensuring compliance, AHSHAY!  effectively lightens the workload and elevates the efficiency of medical claims processing.

AI Document Assistant (Coming soon)

Utilizing AI, our AI Document Assistant module efficiently organizes, sorts, and retrieves documents. It intelligently categorizes documents based on content, seamlessly integrating them into relevant case management workflows. This module reduces the need for manual review, streamlining document handling, and improving overall efficiency.