Taking On Case Management, One Patient At A Time

“We want to expedite the process behind helping the injured worker return to work. This will influence a win-win situation for both the worker and the company”, stated Eddie Braun, Vice President and CFO of IW Care Connection (IWCC). With a goal of minimizing injured workers’ predicted disability duration, IWCC brought a new approach to handling case management by utilizing DataCare’s Ahshay software platform.

Anyone familiar with workers’ compensation and the managed care industry knows how important technology is and how it affects a nurse’s daily workflow. While the nurse’s primary role is to ensure the injured worker is cared for, their job also involves facilitating the workers’ compensation claims process by advocating for the injured workers and their medical needs, and ensuring a consistent line of communication between providers, adjusters, and the employer.

Eddie and his team knew that it was imperative to incorporate a platform that would not only allow their nurses to perform and maintain best practices in case management, but also keep up with the rapid industry changes. His team noticed a few elements that made a strong impact in reaching their goals:

– Ability to monitor case progress
– Ability to track new referrals
– Ability to track billable hours in real-time
– Ability to access medical records while working in the field

Eddie stated “The Ahshay software has allowed us to save up to 10 minutes while generating each report, in addition to tracking each step of the workflow: from creating a report to signing and passing it to the auditing team, and from billing to closure. We are able to keep track of every reports progress, and reduce on both internal and client costs.” Technology has a pivotal role in the delivery and care of injured workers, and IWCC recognized this at early stages of their workflow, allowing them to deliver improved outcomes.