We understand that the main underlying concern for any business is often change. This could be change of any kind: a new direction a company may take, introducing new products, on-boarding new hires, or even implementing a new software.

DataCare takes immense pride in being a helpful and leading change agent to all of our clients throughout this taxing process. To ensure a smooth and easy transition, we first perform a business analysis to learn about our client’s workflow and critical business issues. We do not simply lay our enterprise solution on top of a company and say “Good luck figuring it out!” Our software platform is configured to our clients business needs and growth plan.

During the deployment process, we have a dedicated trainer, full implementation team, along with an account manager and the help desk support team, who all play a pivotal role. The specialized and dedicated staff ensure an efficient transition, and more importantly, that all users are confident in the platform before implementation, and long after training.

Additionally, a very key aspect of the DataCare platform in regards to transition and change is the fact that we already have established hundreds of different Electronic Data Interfaces (EDIs) with claims systems, bill review platforms, state entities, and more. If a new interface has not been created yet, our dedicated team will create and maintain the data integrations with new platforms. Do not let a long standing data interface with your bill review or large payor’s claim system be the only reason to not switch to a new platform that will undoubtedly save your staff time and increase revenue.

DataCare does not look to simply become a software provider to our clients. We aim to be your technology partner and expert that you can go to for problems that were previously unsolvable. It is in our best interest that we have the most effortless change experience possible for our clients. This is why we make the proper investments of personnel in structure in so many areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us or request a demo to see how we can optimize your current workflow today.

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