Learn about Use Cases for DataCare’s suite of software solutions. The Ahshay! Platform provides a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and SOC2-certified solution for case management, utilization review, and reporting to improve workflows and organizational efficiencies. Use Cases showcase how DataCare clients use the software to optimize their practices.

Optimal Case Management and DataCare Improve Patient Outcomes

Anyone familiar with workers’ compensation and the managed care industry should be aware of the impact that technology has on a nurse case manager’s daily workflow. While the nurse’s primary role is to ensure the injured worker is cared for, their job also involves facilitating the workers’ compensation claims process by advocating for the [...]

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What is your favorite thing about the DataCare system?

Here are a few answers from a recent survey: "Easily navigate through the system" - Director of Operations "Ahshay continues to work consistently and rarely goes down." - Risk Management Supervisor "The reporting" - Medical Services Supervisor "The GUI; the ability to automate communication; Ease of use;" - Director of Operations "The ability to [...]

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Reed Group Featured in DataCare’s RTW ROI Whitepaper

Reed Group® MDGuidelines are featured in DataCare's latest whitepaper "Calculating Hard-Dollar Returns on Return-to-Work Case Management".  In today's competitive business climate, a managed care company must provide empirical data that supports its ability to control costs, increase efficiency, and increase the quality of care. The key metrics that the company can focus on are [...]

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Field Nurse Case Managers Love Tablets

Home care nursing is one of the toughest nursing jobs. There are so many skills that nurses and case managers who work in the field have to be pros at in order to be successful. From wound care to blood draws, field nurses know you can’t exactly yell down the hall for another nurse [...]

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Real Results: Medical Costs Significantly Reduced!

"With the implementation of this program ... our medical costs have been very significantly reduced". Bill Zachry - Vice President of Risk Management at Safeway Stores In an article in Risk and Insurance magazine, Zachry encourages workers' compensation leaders to look for leakage in the gap between their own utilization review and bill payment practices. Closing [...]

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Using Technology to Control Medical Cost Leakage

Download the article Presented at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo November 11, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada By: William Zachry, VP Risk Management, Safeway Inc. Anita Weir, Director, Medical and Disability Management, Corporate Risk, Safeway Inc. Eunhee Kim, CEO and co-founder DataCare Corporation and CEO, EK Health THE LOSSES ARE [...]

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Impact of Recession and Layoffs on Workers’ Compensation Claims

Strategies for Handling It Layoffs have swept through all industries including manufacturing, service, and retail, along with construction, office services and trade industries. The Labor Department continues to report weakness in the labor market. It is not expected to ease anytime soon. Studies show that new workers' compensation claims increase during recession periods even [...]

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