Home care nursing is one of the toughest nursing jobs. There are so many skills that nurses and case managers who work in the field have to be pros at in order to be successful. From wound care to blood draws, field nurses know you can’t exactly yell down the hall for another nurse to try to stick a difficult patient. So it’s a good thing that nurses and case managers who work in the field are using tablets to help them make at least a few parts of their job easier!

Let’s take a few moments to explore why field nurse case manager love tablets.

Easy to Clean

Nurses who work in the field and use a tablet know how easy tablets are to clean. They are free from germs and bacteria hiding in the hard-to-clean laptop keyboards.  Tablets are super easy to clean – A few wipes down with a sanitizing wipe and you are good to go!


Tablets are easy to use for documentation of patient care and this is made all that much better by the fact that they are so portable. They’re lightweight and easy to hold. If you’ve got a nursing bag that already weighs 20lbs, you don’t want to weigh your bag down any more. Tablets are so light that you can carry it in your freehand with ease.

Built-in Camera

Many home care nurses and case managers see patients with many different types of wounds. Pictures are often helpful to describe wounds and ulcers. Many tablets have integrated cameras and nurses can take a picture of their patients’ wounds so that their documentation of wound healing will be much more complete.

DataCare Medical Case Management Software is Tablet Friendly

Field case managers can take better advantage of our web-based Case Management Software on the road. Some screens were recently redesigned to work better with tablets and smartphones. They can see all their cases and have complete access to any contacts, addresses, phone numbers, documents, and time tracking.

It’s easy to understand why nurses love tablets when they are looking for a device to document patient care that is easy to clean, portable, and can easily record images of patient’s wounds.