Taking On Case Management, One Patient At A Time

Taking On Case Management, One Patient At A Time “We want to expedite the process behind helping the injured worker return to work. This will influence a win-win situation for both the worker and the company”, stated Eddie Braun, Vice President and CFO of IW Care Connection (IWCC). With a goal of minimizing injured workers’ [...]

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Statewide Investigation Due to Critical Error by Insurance Giant

Ensure your company is protected with the right software! // Aetna, the nation’s third-largest insurance provider with 23.1 million customers, is under fire from an investigation led by the California Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones. While Group Health is already a stringent practice that requires adherence to several laws and regulations, one of Aetna’s reviewing physicians [...]

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Patient Trends and Care++

As technology continues to advance in the healthcare industry, payers and providers have gained insight on how patients can become more engaged and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes, as well as decreased costs. A recent study by the CDW Healthcare surveyed 200 patients and 200 providers, and yielded the following results: Patient-provider Communication - [...]

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Is your Case Management Software TRULY nurse and patient-friendly?

DataCare recently surveyed several software platforms to see what they meant by the term "Mobile-friendly or Mobile-enhanced". What we observed was that the term "Mobile-friendly" is often loosely thrown around, while it simply just means that the system being used can function on a tablet or smartphone. This is not the same as a truly mobile-friendly platform. The [...]

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Does Your Utilization Review Team Have the Tools It Needs?

Utilization review (UR) organizations need to coordinate the efforts of highly skilled professionals on a tight timetable. This makes modern technology a requirement for a top-performing team. According to Dr. Doug Benner, who led Kaiserʼs occupational health services for 30 years and now serves as medical business product development officer at EK Health, the California-based, [...]

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Bill Review Silos Cost Payers Over $2 Billion

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The failure of workers’ compensation claims payers to properly audit medical bills for prior approval of treatment is costing upwards of $2 billion or more annually, in unwarranted medical payments.  This estimate is based on one firm’s analysis of medical payments over the past four years. In [...]

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DataCare’s UR++ Software Streamlines Treatment Decision Process for AARLA

Integration with DataCare’s UR/Case Management system creates a fully integrated system for applying evidence-based medicine to workers’ comp claims. SAN JOSE, Calif., September 29, 2012 American All-Risk Loss Administrators (AARLA), a leading third party administrator and provider of claims services, has selected DataCare's UR++ software, part of DataCare’s Ahshay® platform, to facilitate workers’ compensation treatment authorizations [...]

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Ascential Care Partners Choose DataCare Case Management Software

After a thorough evaluation, Ascential Care Partners, LLC (www.ascentialcare.com) has selected DataCare software for their utilization review, case management and managed care services. Ascential Care Partners works with injured individuals, employers, insurers, and government entities to provide solution-oriented options for quality health care delivery. Cindy Whitehouse, CEO and founder of Ascential Care, led the selection. [...]

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Using Technology to Control Medical Cost Leakage

Download the article Presented at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo November 11, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada By: William Zachry, VP Risk Management, Safeway Inc. Anita Weir, Director, Medical and Disability Management, Corporate Risk, Safeway Inc. Eunhee Kim, CEO and co-founder DataCare Corporation and CEO, EK Health THE LOSSES ARE MOUNTING [...]

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Mitchell Selects DataCare Case Management and Utilization Review Software for Excellence in Innovation

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2011 -- After a thorough evaluation, Mitchell Workers' Compensation Solutions has selected DataCare’s Utilization Review (UR) and Case Management Software for its managed care operations. Mitchell Workers' Compensation Solutions, a division of Mitchell International, is a leading provider of workers' compensation cost-containment technologies and services. Insurance payers, self insured [...]

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