Find quick tips, concise and practical insights, strategies, and recommendations to address common challenges and enhance best practices within the healthcare and case management sectors. These easily accessible tips aim to improve decision-making and the efficiency of daily tasks for professionals in these fields. This category acts as a valuable knowledge repository, providing immediate and actionable solutions for better practices in the healthcare industry.

Smooth Transition To A New Platform

We understand that the main underlying concern for any business is often change. This could be change of any kind: a new direction a company may take, introducing new products, on-boarding new hires, or even implementing a new software. DataCare takes immense pride in being a helpful and leading change agent to all of [...]

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Casebook Overview

DATACAREʼS CASEBOOK™ is a web-based paperless, workplace for case managers. It works with your claims system or standalone, to eliminate redundant processes and save 25% of your case managersʼ time with key time saving features. REAL-TIME WINDOW INTO YOUR CASE MANAGEMENT • Complete visibility – quickly track all cases; identify late reports, upcoming deadlines, [...]

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Why pay $3.5 million in penalties?

$8 million loss… Where did it come from? As of March 10th , 2016, several third-party administrative agencies face over $8 million in fines for allegedly failing to provide necessary medical documentation in time for independent medical review (IMR). A great deal of risk is involved when managing a large database of medical records [...]

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Tips for Managing Remote Nurse Case Managers

Managing remote nurse case managers can be a daunting responsibility. Individuals who are successful as remote case managers are highly independent and can often be strong willed. A manager who focuses on direct control of their activities may find them hard to manage. However, there are a few tactics and key tips that can [...]

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Busting Myths in Workers’ Comp

Here are some of the common myths of workers' compensation. Bill review only pays for approved treatments. We see overpayment of 10-14% of medical costs after bill review reduction when UR enforcement is not automated. Are you paying for unauthorized treatments? When was the last time you did a bill review audit? UR is [...]

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