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DataCare provides a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant & SOC 2 certified solution with dedicated support tailored to your organization’s business needs.

Opyn announces strategic partnership with DataCare Corporation

Opyn (THM) announces strategic partnership with DataCare Corporation The partnership enables payor clients utilizing DataCare’s Ahshay® platform to seamlessly activate  Opyn's digital healthcare marketplace, to automatically route authorized service requests and schedule  the right care for their injured workers, [...]

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As we continue to strive for the lead in providing workers’ comp software, our diligent efforts have paid off through the satisfaction of our clients.

  • “At County of Santa Clara, we experienced over $600,000 additional savings based on this UR software platform.” Sean Mullen, Senior Management Analyst
  • “DataCare gave us everything we need for our medical case management services. Their service and case management software has been fantastic.” Tim Thackaberry, Director of IT, New Mexico Mutual

About Us

Here at DataCare, we are the leading provider for software in the workers’ comp industry. As a company based out of San Jose, California, our software technology supports evidence-based treatment decisions with defensible supporting documentation for workers’ comp claims and cases. Our company was founded in 2003 and combines the efforts of managed care and tech professionals. As of today, we have had over 400,000 reviews and served over 12,000 medical cases.

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