The Ultimate Claims Software

DataCare’s Medical Process Manager (MPM) is a claims software tool that adjusters use to track and manage all claims through each step of their workflow. It serves as a tool to give clear indications on approvals or referrals to UR, while integrating company guidelines. It allows the user to virtually annotate on bills while tracking/saving at every step. Bills and letters can be stored and auto-generated with the click of a button, and can be emailed and faxed directly from the system to make sure compliance is kept at a state or jurisdictional level.

The MPM works with and enhances the claims system, while providing complete visibility for all the necessary documents including medical reports, treatment requests, and bills. Powerful features like search, alerts, full historical information, and flags make the entire workflow process much more efficient. The MPM improves service and reduces at least 25% of claims processing expenses.

Why is the Medical Process Manager necessary?

Adjusters have a pivotal role in managing claims and need a system with increased productivity, visibility, and analytics for managers and all users. The Medical Process Manager was created for this reason, while optimizing the adjuster workflow with immediate communication and tracking, and providing real-time reporting. DataCare solutions are built on the Ahshay Platform which enables claims tracking through all steps of the process: case management, pre-authorization, utilization review, and bill payment.