DataCare Mobile Messaging

DataCare’s Mobile Messaging Application will allow you to engage with your patients by sending secure messages directly to their mobile device. Furthermore, patients will be able to use the application to send messages, pictures, and documents back to their nurse/physician/adjuster.

DataCare’s Mobile Application was created to integrate the patient’s smartphone with the Ahshay Case Management Platform. This integration results in benefits to both the patient and the nurse case manager (can also be physician or adjuster). With this application, the nurse can optimize her workflow by reducing the amount of time spent on calls to patients regarding appointments, prescriptions, authorized treatments, etc. The patient can use the application to send messages, images, and documents or any case questions directly to his nurse.

  • Log All Conversations – All communication is logged and can be referenced at any time.

  • Streamline Efficiency & Time – While using the secure messaging feature to send updates for each patient, nurses will be able to allocate more hours of their day on other important tasks.

  • Secure & HIPAA Compliant – Care++’s secure messaging was created with safeguards to protect all patient information.

  • Android & iPhone compatible.

  • Supports the use of Emoji’s.

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The following statistics (derived from a survey Modern Medicine Network performed) indicate that patient-provider portals are extremely vital in the claims/case management process because they serve as the key point of communication among all parties.

  • 63% of patients say they are speaking to providers more frequently.

  • 59% say they are accessing health information more frequently.

  • 57% of patients say they have become more engaged with their healthcare during the past two years.

  • 70% of providers have seen a positive change in their patients’ level of engagement.

  • 58% of providers say they have improved their engagement with patients in the past two years.

Safety & Security

DataCare’s Ahshay Software as well as the Mobile Application are both SOC II Certified and HIPAA compliant.

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