As technology continues to advance in the healthcare industry, payers and providers have gained insight on how patients can become more engaged and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes, as well as decreased costs. A recent study by the CDW Healthcare surveyed 200 patients and 200 providers, and yielded the following results:

Patient-provider Communication
– 63% of patients say they are speaking to providers more frequently.
– 59% say they are accessing health information more frequently.

These metrics indicate that patient-provider portals are extremely vital in the claims management process because they serve as the key point of communication among both parties.

Increased Patient Activity
– 57% of patients say they have become more engaged with their healthcare during the past two years.
– 70% of providers have seen a positive change in their patients’ level of engagement.
– 58% of providers say they have improved their engagement with patients in the past two years.

Provider-communication = Increased Engagement
A shift towards greater patient involvement in the treatment process indicates how providers will need to adapt with technology to create a seamless communication portal.

Care++ Mobile Messaging & DataCare
In response to the statistics mentioned above and current patient trends, DataCare pioneered a mobile application to integrate patient’s smartphones with the Ahshay Case Management System. The application allows all patients or injured workers to be able to directly message their nurse case managers, physicians, and/or adjusters. The case managers and adjusters can save significant time by reducing calls to patients on appointments, prescriptions, authorized treatments, etc. Patients can reduce the need for repetitive phone calls by using this application as means to send messages, images, or documents along with any questions or concerns.

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Statistics derived from Modern Medicine Network.