DataCare recently surveyed several software platforms to see what they meant by the term “Mobile-friendly or Mobile-enhanced“.

What we observed was that the term “Mobile-friendly” is often loosely thrown around, while it simply just means that the system being used can function on a tablet or smartphone.

This is not the same as a truly mobile-friendly platform. The following features should be just a few things to closely look for and consider while purchasing a new platform.

These features will save both the nurse & supervisor finance and administrative time, while expediting patient engagement and case closure.

Mobile Activity Notes – The ability to jointly track nurse time/billing and be able to pull over notes directly to the patient status report.

  • Scaled-down view for ease of use, voice-to-dictate option, automatic time tracking while on calls, and reporting via email/fax directly from the system.
  • Click HERE to see this in action.

Secure Mobile Messaging to Patients – A HIPAA compliant way to directly engage with and message the patient to streamline the recovery process. REGULAR TEXTING IS NOT HIPAA COMPLIANT.

  • Allows the patient to send and receive pictures, documents, and messages from their personal app and comfort of their smartphone.
  • Nurse can communicate with the patient from both desktop & mobile device.

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