Cutting Complexity in Workers’ Compensation Utilization Review Programs

DataCare UR++ reduces utilization review program costs by enabling claims adjusters and trained administrators to routinely approve 80% or more of all treatment requests and by significantly reducing the number of referrals to more expensive nurse or physician reviews. Quick approvals also shorten the time it takes for employees to return to work. With Express Approval: [...]

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Total Managed Care Selects Web-based Utilization Review and Medical Case Management Software from DataCare Corporation

After a thorough evaluation, Total Managed Care, Inc, a leading provider of medical managed care services, has selected DataCare's Utilization Review and Case Management software to create an electronic workplace for coordinating medical management of workers' compensation cases . "At Total Managed Care, we continue to invest in leading-edge technology that allows us to deliver [...]

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Impact of Recession and Layoffs on Workers’ Compensation Claims

Strategies for Handling It Layoffs have swept through all industries including manufacturing, service, and retail, along with construction, office services and trade industries. The Labor Department continues to report weakness in the labor market. It is not expected to ease anytime soon. Studies show that new workers' compensation claims increase during recession periods even though [...]

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DataCare, EK Health Partner with Large Employer to Decrease Workers’ Comp Medical Spending by 20%

Company Experts Present Case Study at National Workers’ Comp Conference November 9-11 LAS VEGAS & SAN JOSE, Calif.--Wasting medical payments in workers’ compensation is avoidable, according to a panel of experts presenting at the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo November 9-11 in Las Vegas. “Our panel will demonstrate how this connectivity can [...]

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DataCare Achieves Significant Workers’ Compensation Savings

Addresses Financial Impact of Disconnect Between Utilization Review and Bill Review DataCare Corporation, a leading developer of software for the workers’ compensation market, announced the release of UR Enforcer™ . This new application augments traditional bill review services and has documented savings of up to an additional 20% of medical expenses by verifying bills against [...]

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