Real Results: Medical Costs Significantly Reduced!

"With the implementation of this program ... our medical costs have been very significantly reduced". Bill Zachry - Vice President of Risk Management at Safeway Stores In an article in Risk and Insurance magazine, Zachry encourages workers' compensation leaders to look for leakage in the gap between their own utilization review and bill payment practices. Closing [...]

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DataCare Helps Prepare Technology Leaders of the Future

SAN JOSE and SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Nov. 2, 2011 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Like most technology firms, DataCare Corporation ( is always looking for talented and well-educated technical professionals. According to Dr. Paulo Franca, President and Chief Technology Officer of DataCare Corporation, “DataCare has been very pleased to hire graduates of the University of California [...]

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The Link Between Efficiency and Better Claim Outcomes

Between complying with the new regulations, mounting medical inflation and the need to find creative ways to manage cases, claims administrators everywhere have their hands full. As a result of added complexities in the claims world, the importance of increased organizational efficiency has never been as clear as it is today.  When a company [...]

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Busting Myths in Workers’ Comp

Here are some of the common myths of workers' compensation. Bill review only pays for approved treatments. We see overpayment of 10-14% of medical costs after bill review reduction when UR enforcement is not automated. Are you paying for unauthorized treatments? When was the last time you did a bill review audit? UR is [...]

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Reed Group Featured in DataCare’s RTW ROI Whitepaper

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Reed Group® MDGuidelines are featured in DataCare's latest whitepaper "Calculating Hard-Dollar Returns on Return-to-Work Case Management".  In today's competitive business climate, a managed care company must provide empirical data that supports its ability to control costs, increase efficiency, and increase the quality of care. The key metrics [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Biggest Problem in Bill Review has been Solved by DataCare Four Years Ago

DataCare Customers Ahead of the Curve in Latest Survey of Workers’ Compensation Bill Review The 2012 Survey of Workers’ Compensation Bill Review by Heath Care Associates ( ) reports that the single biggest problem for Workers’ Compensation Bill Review is “the need to better and more completely link medical management determinations to the actual [...]

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Affinity Occupational Health Selects DataCare Software to Meet Case Management Needs

Flexibility of DataCare platform a perfect match for Affinity's documentation requirements SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ After a thorough evaluation, Affinity Occupational Health ( has selected DataCare ( software for their case management needs. Affinity Occupational Health is committed to personalized, high-quality health care. According to Dr. Paulo Franca, President and Chief [...]

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