After a thorough evaluation, Total Managed Care, Inc, a leading provider of medical managed care services, has selected DataCare’s Utilization Review and Case Management software to create an electronic workplace for coordinating medical management of workers’ compensation cases .

“At Total Managed Care, we continue to invest in leading-edge technology that allows us to deliver high-quality customer service. We take pride in providing our customers with cost-effective and timely services,” says Steve Wigh, President of Total Managed Care, Inc.

DataCare’s Utilization Review and Case Management software supports evidence-based practices by capturing medical information in a database format. This makes it easy to analyze trends and to identify potential opportunities to enhance treatment.

“Total Managed Care has always provided the extra services needed to ensure that injured workers recover quickly and return to work. DataCare’s reputation for ease of use, flexibility, and reporting were key factors in our selection,” said Rudy Flores, Vice President of Business Development. “DataCare’sfull audit trail and real-time reporting capability provides improved transparency and decision support for our customers.”

DataCare Web-based products are delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Since its launch in 2003, the DataCare system has processed workers’ compensation claims for several thousand users. DataCare’s customers rely on their HIPAA-compliant Web applications for fast and easy access for internal and external professionals, even those working from remote locations.

“We have worked with a variety of managed care providers who have extended their in-house infrastructure with our hosted service. Our customers report that they can spend more time helping injured workers by eliminating manual processes, which also reduces turnaround and billing cycle times. Our technology enables the entire team to respond more quickly but also more thoroughly to their customer service inquiries,” says Mike Allen, Business Development Director at DataCare.

DataCare’s Utilization Review software is designed to integrate seamlessly with DataCare’s UR Enforcer software to verify bills against treatments authorized in utilization review.  This utilization review enforcement can save an addition 20% of medical claims over and above savings delivered by traditional bill review processing.