DataCare takAscential-DataCarees pride in being able to support many companies including Ascential Care in achieving an optimal day-to-day workflow for Case Management and Utilization Review. Ascential’s need for software first arose when they began operating in the managed care industry and manual data entry was an unnecessary evil they initially faced. The lack of a centralized database was also a major contributor to this need. With the use of DataCare’s Ahshay module, not only was Ascential able to locate and store medical documents like MRI’s, IME’s, and Physician Reports with ease, but they were also able to create an efficient workflow for their Nurse Case Managers.

More recently, when DataCare launched the mobile view, Ascential immediately discovered several efficiencies in their workflow: They now had a software that worked well with mobile devices and tablets through the “Mobile Activity Notes” view, and were able to achieve significant time savings by having all of the necessary data fields at their fingertips. The “Mobile Activity Notes” view allowed their nurses to enter notes, update cases, and track their time on a scaled down view to match the ratio of the device being used. Last but not least, the billing function in the Ahshay Software module has been able to help Ascential eliminate all double entry of data for invoicing purposes.
As DataCare continues to tailor software for the everyday workflow of nurses, physicians, and adjusters, clients are realizing there is better coordination of care for their patients due to the streamlined workflow that significantly saves time from their day to day responsibilities.