mkc consulting

MK Consulting Inc. has selected DataCare’s Case Management software to continue to provide a high level of service as their firm grows. Ongoing investment in automation enables the quality of support that their nurses provide for Case Management.

“We have an outstanding team of people and continue to invest in them to enhance our services,” said Kari Williamson, BS, RN, LNCC, CCM, Founder and President of MK Consulting Inc. “DataCare puts all of the case information in a central location on-line, this has really streamlined several business processes for our case management work. DataCare’s direct export of billing information into QuickBooks has had an immediate impact on what was a multi-step process with hours of manual entry.”

Comprehensive tools form a foundation for growth

Kerri Karel, Director of Marketing and Operations says “DataCare services will help MK Consulting Inc nurses keep all the information about a case in a centralized spot. As a result, they’re more efficient in entering notes, billing, documents, and reports. This allows them to spend more time on case management and caring for claimants.” She says, “The nurses have welcomed the new system because current processes are unwieldy, especially for catastrophic cases that can go on for years.”

Williamson agrees, saying that DataCare file management is a huge benefit for MK Consulting Inc.. In addition, she chose DataCare because it:

  • Saves Time and Money—The DataCare medical case management software streamlines and simplifies everyday case management tasks.
  • SaaS Delivery—MK Consulting Inc. gets the services they need without ongoing IT management. Web-based service gives home-based and field-based case managers real-time access.
  • Export for QuickBooks—Invoice information can be exported from DataCare’s Case Management software and opened in QuickBooks to automatically create client invoices.

Paulo Franca Ph. D, DataCare’s President and Chief Technology Officer, notes, “Our web-based software solutions allow case management companies to pay for what they use on a SaaS platform that can scale with their growth. DataCare strives to streamline the workers’ compensation process and eliminate needless hassles like the double-entry of billing and invoicing information to accounting systems like QuickBooks.”

Karel says that having these tools in place will also help MK Consulting Inc. to continue to grow. “It will free up not only our case managers but also our top management. This will give all of our managers some time to focus beyond our day to day operations on growth initiatives.”