DataCtop 10are’s Ahshay platform provides automation, visibility, and ultimately, cost savings for your company. However, you won’t see ROI in your investment unless you’re actively taking advantage of the visibility it provides. You now have the power to view, analyze, and take action on a huge range of data. Actively monitoring and making decisions based on these reports will be key to creating efficiencies and cutting costs.

It may be overwhelming trying to decide exactly which data you should be analyzing. According to our team, these are the top reports you should absolutely be running:

  1. DWC Audit report – gives a good summary of all activity for a given time period
  2. Production reports (waiting time; time from time open to close) by indexing staff, intake staff and medical professionals which look at both total time and averages to identify bottlenecks
  3. Business days for each review by each service type
  4. Reviewer assignments including specialization details
  5. Provider scorecard
  6. Late reports that need attention
  7. Referral lag and turn around time by each service type
  8. UR reports by carrier – a good summary will include service type, start and end dates, treatments requested and outcomes
  9. Summary of contacts with injured worker and examiner (or adjuster?  which is best)
  10. UR Procedures scorecard should include the total number of reviews, items request, items certified, items denied, percent denied & savings