New Mexico Mutual Insurance wanted a proven commercial-off-the-shelf workers’ compensation system to support all aspects of its workers’ compensation administration – including front-end data capture capabilities, report creation, caseload management – and the consulting services to assist with the installation and implementation of the system.nm logo with space border

Designed specifically for the workers’ compensation industry, DataCare’s Ahshay Platform supports medical case management, express approval, utilization review, bill review and utilization review connectivity, decision analytics, case/workflow management, correspondence management, and system administration. DataCare partners with clients on information technology initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, and maximize compliance.

Phase 1 of the adoption of DataCare includes the configuration and setup for processing and tracking medical case management. Since going live, New Mexico Mutual personnel can:

  • monitor caseload and make more balanced work assignments
  • report on return-to-work with hard and soft savings
  • track average turn-around time
  • eliminate double entry of billing information by exporting directly to Quickbooks

“DataCare gave us everything we needed for medical case management. Their service after the sale and ongoing support has been fantastic. We have seen better coordination between adjusters and case management, and a reduction in our cost to manage cases. I would absolutely recommend them.”  Tim Thackaberry, Director of Information Technology at New Mexico Mutual

“New Mexico Mutual Insurance wanted to go with a proven commercial, off-the-shelf software rather and a go down the slippery slope of a proprietary system. We support their unique business rules while providing an industry proven infrastructure and workflow,” says Dr. Paulo Franca, President and Chief Technology Officer of DataCare Corporation.