Opyn (THM) announces strategic partnership with DataCare Corporation

The partnership enables payor clients utilizing DataCare’s Ahshay® platform to seamlessly activate  Opyn’s digital healthcare marketplace, to automatically route authorized service requests and schedule  the right care for their injured workers, faster.  

PHILADELPHIA and SAN JOSE (February 3, 2022)Transparent Health Marketplace, Inc. (now recognized as Opyn), a leading transformative healthcare technology company, today announced a partnership with DataCare  Corporation, a medically-driven Software-as-a-Service company with an emphasis on workers’  compensation, to accelerate the way shared clients activate automation to source and schedule care for  their injured workers and eliminate time-consuming, manual touchpoints for their workforce.  

Getting fast access to first-rate healthcare for injured workers is a top priority for everyone in the  workers’ compensation ecosystem. A strong focus on securing rapid treatment with the right provider  can positively impact employee satisfaction, recovery speed, and indemnity cost savings. THM and  DataCare deliver the fastest, no-touch solution for payors to provide their injured workers the exact care  needed, for less, by seamlessly automating utilization review and sourcing, scheduling, and paying for  healthcare services. For existing DataCare clients, activating the Marketplace is simple, with no  additional technology integration required. 

“Payors today are looking for new ways to minimize administrative complexities and make it easier for  their injured workers to access exceptional care,” said Munawar Ali, Executive Chairman of THM’s Board  of Directors. “THM and DataCare individually bring innovation and automation to the claims journey,  and together we substantially streamline the process to enhance coordination and care and deliver total  transparency. This makes our partnership such an exciting development for the industry.” 

DataCare’s Ahshay® cloud-based utilization review platform is a fully integrated system that speeds up  communication and enables providers and utilization reviewers to quickly process and share  determinations. Using a proprietary rules engine, Ahshay® automatically routes the appropriate  authorized service requests with all required data to THM’s digital marketplace platform. The  Marketplace delivers transparent pricing and smart matches injured workers for appointments with the  best-suited local providers. All payments are processed through the Marketplace with users receiving  real-time, actionable insights about their program. 

“At DataCare, our goal is always to help injured workers achieve the fullest possible medical recovery  through effective treatment and support,” said Paulo Franca, President & CTO of DataCare. “Our  partnership with THM is significant because it offers mutual clients a simplified way to achieve new  efficiencies, and better care, sooner than once thought possible.”  

About Transparent Health Marketplace, Inc.  

Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) operates the first marketplace of its kind to provide real-time  price transparency with the ability to easily shop, book and pay for healthcare services in workers’  compensation. A simple, intuitive digital platform that can be tailored to individual payor and provider  needs, the marketplace automates scheduling, paperwork and payment processes to deliver cost  savings, growth opportunities, and affordable, faster quality healthcare. For more information, visit  http://transparenthealthmarketplace.com or email info@thmcorp.com.